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Daffodils and narcissus prefer a well drained, sunny site and slightly acidic soil. Plant the bulbs so that the top of the bulb is at least two times as deep as the bulb is high (ie the top of a 2″ diameter bulb should be 4″ under the surface). Use a fertilizer formulated for bulbs such as Holland Bulb Booster. These bulbs are generally critter resistant and so are the safest choice for areas with deer and squirrels. Remember to leave the foliage after blooming until it yellows and dies back!

Legend:  E  = Early       M = Mid-Season      L = Late Bloomer

Narcissus Dutch Master            M
Classic solid yellow, large flowered trumpet type, 18″.  Extra large bag for landscaping. 28/$18

narcissus season of sunshine
Narcissus Season of Sunshine (height/season varies)

Blend of yellow flowered varieties blooming over a long season.  20/$18

narcissus pink mix

Narcissus Pink Mix (height/season varies)
Collection of all pink types, these will have the best color in some shade. 20/$18

Narcissus Double Mix  (height/season varies)
Mix of all double flowered varieties. 15/$15 

Narcissus Bell Song    M/L
White petals with a pink cup, 14”, filtered sunlight best to develop pink coloring. 10/$10

Narcissus February Gold     E
Swept back yellow petals, deeper yellow cup, 14” tall, early. 10/$9 

Narcissus Mount Hood    M
Large pure white flowers up to 4” on tall 16”-20” stems. 

Narcissus New Baby    L
Late flowering miniature variety 4”-8” tall, multiple flowers per stem, two tone yellow.. 10/$10

Narcissus Sailboat     M

White with pale yellow cup, 10”-12”, multiple flowers per stem.  10/$10


Narcissus Skype    M

Snow white flowers on 16″-18″ stems, excellent for naturalizing.  8/$10