Middlesex Conservation District

Middlesex Conservation District

Fall Perennials

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Fall is a wonderful time to plant perennials – warm soil and moderate temperatures lead to rapid establishment before winter sets in. All pots are 2.5″ x 3″ unless noted otherwise.

S = Sun          PS= Part Sun           Sh = Shade        N = Native

FEATURED SELECTION: Saskatoon Serviceberry ‘Regent’  N/S/PS

‘Regent’ is a compact selection of native serviceberry (Amelanchier alnifolia) reaching 4’-6’. This shrub produces white flowers in early spring followed by berries that resemble blueberries in size, color and taste, and can be eaten fresh or cooked into jams, jellies and pies. Yellow fall foliage; birds and other wildlife love the berries as well.  2 quart pot/$11


(All plants below are in 2.5″ pots)

Aster ‘October Skies’ (A. oblongifolius)
Prolific lavender blue flowers on 1.5′-2′ mounds, blooms August to October.  $5 


Butterfly Weed (Asclepias tuberosa)       
Native wildflower to 2′ , full sun, bright orange flowers. Prefers dry, well drained soils once established, attracts butterflies. $5 

Canada Beachhead Iris  (Iris setosa canadensis)     
Lovely native dwarf iris with blue-purple flowers, 12″-18″ tall, sun or light shade, moist soil. $5 

Coneflower ‘Green Twister’ (Echinacea purpurea)     
Naturally occurring variant of purple coneflower, flowers are magenta with lime green tips, 2′-3′, great for pollinators and birds. $5 


Coreopsis ‘Route 66’ (C. verticillata)      
Cultivar of native threadleaf coreopsis, 2′-3′, yellow daisy flowers with red centers, attracts butterflies, full sun.   $5 


Dumbo’s Ears (Rudbeckia maximua)     
Large 3″ yellow daisy flowers on 5′-7′ stems, over a clump of round blue green leaves, full sun. $5 


Hibiscus ‘Pink Clouds’ (H. moscheutos)
Tall native perennial 4′-5′, huge intense pink flowers late summer; likes sun and moisture, very hardy.  $5


Indian Grass (Sorghastrum nutans)         N/S
Native ornamental grass 3′-5′, blue green foliage, upright form, yellow plume like seed heads.  $5


Joe Pye Weed ‘Little Joe’ (Eupatorium)            N/S/PS
Compact variety of native Joe Pye Weed, 4′, clusters of pink-purple flowers in summer. Pollinator magnet!    $5


Scottish Bluebells (Campanula rotundifolia)           N/S/PS
Small native wildflower 6″-12″ with nodding bell shaped sky blue flowers all summer, sun or part shade.   $5


Sword Leaf Phlox (Phlox buckleyi          N/S/PS
Native phlox growing in loose mounds to 12″, sun or part shade, clusters of pink flowers, attracts butterflies.   $5


White False Indigo (Baptisia lactea)           N/S/PS
Bushy perennial 3′-5′, smoky purple stems with elegant white flower spikes, attracts pollinators.   $5