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Tulips (which actually originate from Persia not Holland) come in a wide variety of sizes, shapes, colors and bloom times to suit all gardens. Choose a well drained sunny site and plant three times the depth of the bulb. We have chosen a selection to spread your bloom through the season with a variety of colors and flower types.

Legend: E = Early M = Mid-Season L = Late Bloomer

Darwin Hybrid Tulips
A wonderful mix of colors, blooming mid April to May on strong 20″-24″ stems, great repeat. 32/$18


Tulip Species Mix
A blend of small species varieties, blooming April/May, true perennials, 6″-8″ tall. Great for rock gardens. 15/$9


Tulip Single Late Mix     L
Tallest types at 24″-28″, blooming in late spring after other varieties have finished; larger flowers as well. 15/$15


Tulip Angelique   L
Double flowered variety with pink peony type blooms, flowers late spring, 16″ tall. 15/$15


Tulip Elegant Lady    M

Lily flowered tulip, pointed petals, 22″ tall; ivory blending to pink at edges.  10/$9 


Tulip Red Riding Hood     M
Gregii tulip, 10”-12” tall, bright red flowers, leaves streaked with burgundy, nice in rock gardens. 10/$9


Tulip Purple Prince     E/M
Single early type, 14” tall, rich purple flowers on strong stems. 10/$9


Tulip Oxfords Elite    M
Darwin tulip, 22” tall, red blended with orange and yellow,  very eye catching. 10/$9


Tulip Hemisphere   M

Triumph tulip 18” tall; flowers begin white, develop flecks and stripes, mature to deep rose. 10/$10


Tulip Happy Generation      M
Triumph tulip 18” tall, white with striking bright red flares.  10/$10