Middlesex Conservation District

Middlesex Conservation District

Fruits and Edibles

Spring 2019 Order Form

Fruits are best grown in a well drained sunny location. For more information on specifics of growing fruits, please see our suppliers website.


Asparagus ‘Jersey Supreme’
Vigorous all male variety, resistant to rust, crown rot and fusarium. Space 12” apart in 6” deep furrows in a sunny location. Fill in as spears grow until furrows are filled. Water well first year.   25 crowns/$18


Blackberry ‘Triple Crown’
Thornless summer bearing variety with large sized berries. Recommended for home gardeners. Space 3’-4’ apartBare root    5/$28


Blueberry ‘Bluecrop/Northland’
One of each for best cross-pollination and fruit production. Both are midseason varieties adapted for winter hardiness, reaching 4-5’ in height. Soil pH must be 4.5-4.8. Space 4’-5’ apart.  Pair, 18″-30″/$27

 raspberryRaspberry ‘Caroline’
Fall bearing variety, consistently dependable. Excellent winter hardiness, suitable for fresh eating, jams, freezing.  Space 18”-24” apart
.  Bare root   10/$32



Rhubarb ‘Macdonald’ Vigorous strain with large tender stalks, selected for home gardeners.  Bare root division   $12



Strawberry ‘Sparkle’
June bearing midseason variety great for beginners and home gardeners; hardy and productive
. Bare root   25/$11