Middlesex Conservation District

Middlesex Conservation District


S  = Sun      PS  = Part Shade     Sh  = Shade   = Native  


Native Hummingbird Garden  – $25

Our native hummingbird garden is designed for a sunny, moist, well drained area to attract ruby throat hummingbirds, as well as butterflies and other native pollinators. All are in 2.5” pots:

Bee Balm ‘Jacob Cline’ (Monarda didyma) – Frilly deep red flowers on 4’-5’ plants.
Cardinal Flower (Lobelia cardinalis) – Tubular bright red flowers, 3’ plants.
Columbine (Aquilegia canadensis) – Pinkish red/yellow flowers, 2’-3’, OK in pt shade.
Heuchera ‘Firefly’ (Heuchera sanguineaP – Numerous bright red flowers, 1’-2’, great foliage, OK in pt shade.
Penstemon ‘Coccineus’ (Penstemon barbatus) – Scarlet tubular flowers, 12”-18”.
Sage ‘Grandiflora’ (Salvia azurea) – Blue flowers, 3’-5’, long bloom.


Daylilies            S

Long lived, low maintenance, easy perennials for sun, flowering in summer. Indestructible. All sold as bareroot plants.

Daylily ‘Cosmopolitan’
18″, deep pink flowers    


Daylily ‘Fragrant Returns’
18”, lemon yellow, fragrant      $6



Daylily ‘Night Beacon’
24”-30”, deep reddish purple, yellow centers       $6



Daylily ‘Simmons Overture’

24”, pink flowers, dark plum center and ruffled dark  $8 



Hostas          PS/Sh

Hostas are low maintenance plants for part to full shade. We are offering a landscape pack, and a premium variety, ‘Lakeside Paisley Print’:

Landscape Pack:     Included are:  ‘Fragrant Bouquet’  (20”, lt green/cream edging),  ‘Gold Standard’ (22”, gold/green with dk edging), ‘Frances Williams’ (24”, blue/green with lt green edging),  ‘Royal Standard’ (24”, deep green with fragrant white flowers),   ‘Wide Brim’ (16”, green with wide cream edging), and ‘Elegans’  (30”, blue/green)      6/$24










Hosta ‘Victory’
Giant variety, 35” tall, 70” wide, blue green leaves with wide wavy cream edges, flower stalks to 5’. Takes several years to reach mature size.     $9


Appalachian Mountain Mint (Pycnanthemum flexuosum)  N/S
Native wildflower with fuzzy white flowers, blooms over a long period summer-fall; excellent pollinator plant, 2’-3’ tall. 2.5″ pot   $5

Arkansas Bluestar (Amsonia hubrichtii)   N/S/PS
Native perennial, starry blue flowers late spring on 3’ plants, feathery needle like foliage, great yellow fall color’. 2.5″ pot   $5

Aster ‘Bluebird’ (Aster laevis)   N/S

Violet blue flowers on robust 2.5’tall  plants Sept/Oct, attracts butterflies, full sun  2.5″ pot   $5

Astilbe ‘Sprite’
(A. simplicifolia)   PS/Sh
Compact variety with arching spikes of soft fuzzy pink flowers on 12” plants, moist soil necessary.     Bare root clump   $6


Baptisia ‘Ivory Towers’ (Baptisia x)   N/S
Large elegant native to 4’ with purple stems, 2’ spikes of white flowers in early summer, blue green foliage, seed pods attractive in winter or arrangements.      4″ plug    $9

Bleeding Heart ‘Valentine’ (Dicentra spectabilis)  PS/Sh
‘Valentine’ is a selection of old fashioned bleeding heart with deep red dangling heart shaped flowers instead of the usual pink, 1.5’-2’ tall. Shade and moist soil.   Bare root clump     $7

Blue Eyed Grass  
(Sisyrinchium angustifolium) N/S/PS
Not a true grass, but a short 6”-12” native wildflower, narrow foliage, 1” intense blue flowers May/June; prefers sun, moist
soil, will tolerate light shade.   3″ plug     $5

Brunnera ‘Alexanders Great’ (Brunnera x)  PS
Foliage plant, large mound of heart shaped silvery leaves with green veins, sky blue flowers in spring.  4″ plug     $9 

Coneflower ‘Pica Bella’ (Echinacea x)   N/S
Long blooming, compact variety of native purple coneflower, reaching only 2’, narrow pink petals and prominent orange brown central cone. Very robust.   4″ plug     $9

Helianthus ‘Autumn Gold’ (H. salicifolia)    N/S
Selection of native willow leaf sunflower, reaching 2’ tall, literally covered with 2” yellow flowers Sept/Nov, excellent butterfly plant.    4” plug             $7

Heuchera ‘Frosted Violet’ (Heuchera x)  PS
Beautiful perennial for part shade, silvery purple leaves with dark veins, forms a clump 12” tall, tiny pink flowers on 2’ stems.    4″ plug   $8

Jacob’s Ladder (Polemonium reptans)    N/PS
Native wildflower for moist soil, part shade with light blue flowers in clusters mid to late spring.
  2.5″ pot    $5


Meadowsweet ‘Red Umbrellas’ (Filipendula)  S/PS
Large 30” clump of maple shaped green leaves with prominent red veins, fluffy pink flowers in early summer. Moist soil
.    Bare root clump   $8

Mexican Hat (Ratibida columnifera)     N/S
Native 2’-3’ tall wildflower, red petals and prominent central cone that resembles a miniature sombrero. Long bloom over most of the summer.       2.5″ pot   $5


Phlox ‘Minnie Pearl’ (Phlox x)    N/S
Naturally occurring hybrid of two native species, covered with bright white flowers early summer, mildew free, deep green foliage, 2’ tall.   4″ plug    $6

Pink Turtlehead (Chelone obliqua)    N/S/PS
Native perennial, 2’-3’ tall, deep pink hooded flowers July to Sept. Best in bright shade with moist soil, spreads if happy.     2.5” pot           $5

Rudbeckia ‘Viette’s Little Suzy’  (Rudbeckia fulgida) N/S

Dwarf selection of native black eyed susan 12”-18”, yellow flowers with long bloom period mid summer, carefree. 3″ plug      $6


Siberian Iris ‘How Audacious’ (Iris sibirica)     S/PS
Iris with large multicolored violet/yellow/white 3” flowers, sword like foliage 2’-3’ tall.      Bare root division  $6


Swamp Milkweed (Asclepias incarnata)     N/S
Tall native perennial 3’-4’, light pink flowers, excellent food and nectar source for butterflies, sun, moist to wet soil.  2.5″ pot     $5


Wild Petunia 
(Ruellia humilis)        N/S
Native wildflower, pale purple 2” flowers on 2’ plants, very long bloom May-Oct, attracts butterflies.       2.5” pot     $5