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Legend:  S  = Sun      PS  = Part Shade     Sh  = Shade    N = Native plants    

All evergreens are sold Bareroot at 5 for $10


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 American Arborvitae  Thuja occidentalis 

N/S/PS Pyramidal habit, easily shaped, durable in any type soil.   Excellent dark green color, 40’-60’, sun or light shade, moist soil. Good for windbreaks or hedges, medium growth rate 12” or more per year.      

3 yr seedlings 10 "-18" 5/$10

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Scotch Pine, French Highland Strain  Pinus sylvestris

S Attractive specimen tree, develops scaling reddish gray bark and gnarled branches, reaching 50' with medium growth rate. Tolerant of heat, drought, cold and poor soil. This strain has blue-gree needles, frequently used as a Christmas tree.

 3 year seedlings, 10 "-20"   5/$10

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Colorado Blue Spruce Picea pungens

N/S Striking color ranges from blue-green to silver-blue.  Stiff needles with densely set horizontal branches.  60’-120’ at maturity, slow growth rate 6”-12”/year. Tolerant of just about any location.

3 year seedlings, 8 "-16" 5/$10

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Balsam Fir Abies balsamea

N/S Popular Christmas trees, hardy with highly aromatic foliage.  Cold hardy, reaches 60’, sun or light shade, prefers cool humid moist conditions. Slow growth 6”-12”/year.

4 year seedlings, 8 "-16"    5/$10



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