Middlesex Conservation District

Middlesex Conservation District

Fall Perennials

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Fall is a wonderful time to plant perennials – warm soil and moderate temperatures lead to rapid establishment before winter sets in. All pots are 2.5″ x 3″ unless noted otherwise.

S = Sun          PS= Part Sun           Sh = Shade        N = Native

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FEATURED SELECTION: Summersweet ‘Hummingbird’  (Clethra alnifolia) N/S/PS

‘Hummingbird’ is compact variety of summersweet, a native shrub favoring part shade and moist soils. It typically grows 3’-4’ tall, and bears spikes of fragrant white flowers in July/August. Summersweet attracts a wide variety of butterflies and bees, and will grow in any soil from moist to wet, even in swamp areas.  quart pot/$11 


(All plants below are in 2.5″ pots)

Anemone ‘Annabella White’ (A. multifida)
White flowers and attractive lacy foliage in late spring, 10”-12”.  $5


Aromatic Aster (Aster oblongifolius)       
Native wildflower 2’ tall, violet blue daisies with yellow centers late summer/fall, attracts butterflies. $5 

Carolina Lupine  (Thermopsis villosa)     
Large clumping perennial 3’-4’, spikes of lupine like yellow flowers. $5 

Coneflower ‘Ruby Star’ (Echinacea purpurea)     
Variety of native purple coneflower with reddish violet 4” flowers on a 2’-3’ plant, great for butterflies, June-August. $5 


Dianthus ‘Itsaul White’ (D. plumarius)      
Carnation type double white flowers, attractive gray green foliage. Spreads slowly to about 18” wide; 12”-18” tall.  $5  


Evening Primrose ‘Silver Blade’ (Oenothera)     
Low growing native, large yellow flowers, silvery green foliage, 6″ tall, good drainage, dry soil when established. $5  



False Sunflower ‘Burning Hearts’ (Heliopsis)
Large native, yellow daisies with burnt orange centers, very dark foliage, to 4’ tall, great for butterflies.  $5



Joe Pye Weed (Eupatorium purpureum)         N/S/PS
Tall 5’-7’ native with mauve pink flowers, likes moist soil, excellent for butterflies, blooms summer to fall.  $5 



New Jersey Tea (Ceanothus americanus)            N/S/PS
Small native shrub 3’-4’, cluster of small fragrant white flowers, great pollinator plant, blooms late spring to summer.



Penstemon ‘Prairie Splendor’ (Penstemon x)           N/S
Hybrid of native penstemons, extra large flowers on 2’ stems, white, pink, rose or purple. Prefers well drained dryer soils



Phlox ‘Forever Pink’ (Phlox x)           N/S
‘Forever Pink’ is a compact 16” pink flowering phlox; flowers earlier than garden phlox, mildew free, very floriforous. $5 



Prairie Blazing Star (Liatris pycnostacha)           N/S/PS
Native wildflower with spikes of rosy purple fluffy flowers in mid summer, can reach 2’-4’, great for bees, butterflies.