Middlesex Conservation District

Middlesex Conservation District


S = Sun    PS = Part Sun     Sh = Shade     N = Native     


SPRING 2020 order form

Barren Strawberry (Waldsteinia ternata)           S/PS/Sh
Strawberry like foliage, yellow flowers April – June, 3”-6”,nice for edging as well. 
      2.5” pot       $5


Blue Wood Sedge
(Carex flaccosperma)        N/PS/Sh
Eastern US native, attractive clumps of blue green leaves to 10”, average to wet soils. Happy even in heavy shade.
2.5″ pot     $5


Creeping Thyme ‘Nutmeg’
(Thymus praecox)             S
Durable evergreen groundcover 2”-4”, pink flowers, aromatic foliage, can also be used in between stepping stones, tolerates light foot traffic.
     2.5 ” pot   $5


Goldenstar (Chrysogonum virg. v. australe)
Eastern US native, bright yellow flowers May-October, 6”, OK in sun if soil never dries out.
  2.5” pot     $5


Meehan’s Mint (Meehania cordata)   N/PS/Sh
Eastern US native, mat forming perennial 3”-6”, purple flowers May-June, OK in sun if soil never dries out.   2.5” pot     $5


Woodland Phlox (Phlox divaricata)   N/PS/Sh
Eastern US native, 6”-12”, light purple flowers April-May, attracts bees, butterflies.  2.5” pot     $5