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Legend:  S  =Sun      PS  = Part Shade       PS = Shade    N = Native plants    

Almost any garden has a spot for a few berry plants so you can enjoy growing, harvesting
and eating
the freshest fruit treats available. Prices include royalty fees.

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Asparagus 'Jersey Supreme’

Vigorous high yielding male variety with uniform succulent spears, resistant to rust/fusarium. Space 12" apart in 6" deep furrows in a well drained sunny location, neutral pH, cover crowns with 2" of soil. Fill in as spears grow until furrows are filled. Water well first year..

25 crowns/$13


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Blackberry 'Chester’

Thornless variety, vigorous and winter hardy. Crop ripens mid to late August. Space plants 3'-4' apart in a well drained sunny location.

5 bare root plants /$27

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Blueberry 'Blueray/Northland’

One of each for best cross-pollination and fruit production.
Both varieties are adapted for winter hardiness, reaching 4-5’ in height. Soil pH must be 4.5-4.8. Space 4’-5’ apart

Two plants, one of each variety, 18"-30"/$27


Hops Vine 'Willamette'
(Humulus lupulus)

Full sun, herbaceous perennial vine used for home brewing beer, reaching 8'-20' in a season. 'Willamette' is the most popular American aroma hop. (Established plants yield 1-2 lb hops/vine; a 5 gallon batch of beer requires about 2 oz).

Bare root rhizome $8

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Raspberry 'Nova’

Summer bearing variety, vigorous, dependable and productive, berries have great flavor for fresh eating or freezing. Plants begin bearing early summer for 4-5 weeks. Space 18"-24" apart.

10 bareroot plants/$27


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Rhubarb 'McDonald’      

Rhubarb is a very easy crop for the home gardener. Plant 3' apart with top of division level with soil surface. Adding compost or manure yearly increases yields.

Bareroot division $11

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Strawberry 'Sparkle’

Medium size berries on exceptionally vigorous plants, a favorite with home gardeners for 60 eyars. One of the best for jam and freezing. Sun, 12”-18” apart, 3’-4’ between  rows.

25 bareroot plants/$9



For more information on Horticopia who generously provided some of the plant photos, visit http://www.horticopia.com

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