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Legend:  S  = Sun      PS  = Part Shade     Sh  = Shade   N = Native plants    


Native Late Season Garden (N/PS)      $20

Our native late season collection includes five unusual plants suitable for a variety of conditions.. All plants are 2.25" x 5" plugs: from left to right:

1. Coral Bells 'Autumn Bride' (Heuchera) Scalloped lime green leaves, white flowers Sept-frost. Bright shade.

2. Rudbeckia 'Henry Eilers' (Rudbeckia) To 5', quilled yellow blossoms w. brown cones Aug-Sept. Sun/pt shade.

3. Joe Pye Weed 'Carin' (Eupatorium) New color for Joe Pye Weed, silvery pink flowers, 5'-6'. Sun/pt shade.

4. Sunflower 'Lemon Queen' (Helianthus) Perennial sunflower, tons of 2" yellow flowers, 5'. Sun.

5. Boltonia 'Snowbank' (Boltonia) Masses of starry white flowers Sept - Oct, 4. Sun.

(The five plants above are part of the late season garden pack and are not sold separately)


Beardtongue  (Penstemon digitalis)                   N/S/PS

Native wildflower, easiest penstemon for the northeast, white flower spikes midsummer, 24”-30”.

2.25” x  5” plug        $4         

Blue Flag Iris (Iris versicolor)                            N/S/PS

Beautiful native iris, yellow throated blue-violet flowers May-June.  Native to marshes and wet meadows, will do well in average garden soil that does not dry out. 2’-3’.        

2.25” x  5” plug        $4     

Bellflower ‘Dickson’s Gold’ (C.  garganica)        S/PS

Neat little variety, yellow-green foliage with deep blue
flowers, only 4”-6” tall. Great for edgings, rock walls,

3” plug             $5

Columbine ‘Dove’ (Aquilegia)                               S/PS

Compact floriferous variety, pure white blossoms  in
spring, 24” tall.

2.5” pot              $5

Coral Bells ‘Silver Scrolls’  (Heuchera)                 PS

One of the most attractive and vigorous heucheras, beautiful silver-purple striated foliage, small pinkish flowers.

3” plug             $6






Daylilies (Hemerocallis)
Daylilies are the mainstays of the summer garden. Hardy, vigorous, pest and disease free,
they are essentially indestructible. Full sun for best flowering. Bareroot divisions. From left to right:

1. 'Catherine Woodbury' Pale orchid pink, 30"     $4
2. 'Prairie Blue Eyes' Pale blue-purple, 28 " tall      $4
3. 'South Seas' Coral-tangerine, 30 "    $5
4. 'Eleanore' Bitone in two shades of lavender, 6" flowers, ruffled petals      $10


Dragonhead ‘Blue Dragon’ (Dracocephalum)      N/S/PS

Dense mound of foliage with deep blue snapdragon like
flowers in early summer, 12”-15”. Requires good drainage.

3” plug            $5


Dumbo’s Ears (Rudbeckia maxima)                        N/S

Unusual native rudbeckia, basal rosette of huge leaves (the “ears”); flower spikes to 7’, large yellow flowers with prominent cones July-September.       

2.5” plug         $4

False Indigo ‘Midnight Prairieblues’ (Baptisia)   N/S/PS

Large native wildflower, hybrid of two species, has spikes of midnight blue-violet pea like flowers in spring. Forms a large clump, to 4'.

2.25” x 5” plug      $7


Feather Reed Grass ‘Karl Forster’                      S/PS

(Calamagrostis)  Vertical growth habit, 3’-6’ tall, light pink
flowers turn tan as the season progresses. Tall and graceful,
one of the earliest grasses to flower.

 3.5” pot          $7 

Ferns:                                                                       PS/Sh

Autumn Fern ‘Brilliance’ – pink fiddleheads, new growth is coppery orange, 2’ tall and wide.

3.5” pot           $7

Ferns:                                                                       PS/Sh              
Athyrium ‘Ghost’ – silvery white finely textured foliage, 18” tall.

3.5” pot           $7

Foamflower (Tiarella cordifolia)                           N/PS/Sh

Native of eastern US woodlands, low growing burgundy-
tinged leaves, small fuzzy white to pink flowers eary spring. 8”-12”. Spreads when happy.          

2.5” plug            $6

Geranium ‘Patricia’ (Geranium)                               S

Magenta pink flowers on a spilling mound of foliage 2’ tall and 3’ wide, likes to trail through its neighbors. Very floriferous, long summer bloom period.

3” plug           $6


Heart Leaved Alexander (Zizia aptera)               N/S/PS

Native wildflower of meadows and woodland edges, yellowf
flowers May/June, reaches 1’-2’ tall, heart shaped
basal leaves.                                               

2.5” pot     $5

Hostas                                                                    PS/Sh

 Durable low maintenance foliage plants for part to full
 shade, moist soil. Bare root.
Wide Brim’ – Green leaves, cream edging. 2.5’ tall  $4 

Hostas                                                                    PS/Sh

 Durable low maintenance foliage plants for part to full
 shade, moist soil. Bare root.                                                                  
 ‘Elegans’ – Deep powder blue leaves, 3’ x 3’.             $4

Hostas                                                                    PS/Sh

Durable low maintenance foliage plants for part to full
shade, moist soil. Bare root.        
‘August Moon’ –yellow-green leaves, 2.5’ x 3’.         $4

Hostas                                                                    PS/Sh

Durable low maintenance foliage plants for part to full
shade, moist soil.  Bare root.                                                             

‘Jurassic Park’ – one of the largest hostas to date, dark green leaves, 4’ tall and 6’- 7’ wide        $8


Iris ‘Smart’                                                                  S

‘Smart’ is a dwarf bearded iris, reaching only 12”;
flowers are reddish violet with dark purple spots. Blooms
 in May, sun only, plant with rhizomes barely covered.

3” plug                      $6

Meadowsweet ‘Kahome’ (Filipendula)                     S/PS

Shiny fern like foliage, flat clusterss of fuzzy pink flowers in July-August. 12”-18”, dislikes dry soil.               

Bare root division           $5                                    


Oriental Poppy ‘Princess Victoria Louise’                 S

Huge 8” crepe-papery flowers, salmon with black centers on 3’ stems in early summer.  Will go dormant in late summer, best planted in the back of the border.  Deer resistant.   

2.5” pot              $4  

Phlox ‘Laura’ (Phlox paniculata)                       N/S/PS

Mildew resistant, shorter variety (2’-3’) of  native garden phlox, purple flower with a white eye, late summer bloom period.          

3” plug               $5

Rattlesnake Master (Eryngium yuccifolium)          N/S

Eye catching native for a dry sunny site, spiny leaves in a
rosette similar to yucca, thistle like bluish silver flowers.

2.25” x 5” plug    $4


Sedum ‘Xenox’ (Sedum)                                            S

Succulent foliage emerges greenish purple, turns dark burgundy in summer, flowers are rosy pink, 15” tall, upright forum.  Late summer to fall bloom.

3” plug            $6


Siberian Bugloss  (Brunnera macrophylla)             PS

Heart shaped green leaves, sprays of sky blue flowers
early spring, long bloom period. Dislikes dry soil, moist
woodland conditions best. Resembles a giant forget me not.

Bare root division    $5

Tickseed  (Coreopsis verticillata)                              N/S

Hardy, tough native with massed yellow flowers on
needle like foliage May – August. 24”, sun. Very drought
tolerant once established.     

2.25” x 5” plug       $4

Toad Lily ‘Moonlight’ (Tricyrtis)                           PS/Sh

Bright chartreuse foliage, purple/white flecked flowers on
arching stems Sept-Oct, 20” tall.

2.25 x 5” plug                 $6

Trout Lily/Dogtooth Violet (E. americanum)          N/PS

Yellow flowers, mottled foliage: native of moist
woodlands. 6” tall, flowers early spring, will go dormant after flowering. Bright shade.               

2.5” plug        $5